Fortnite’s 2.4.0 patch was delayed in part to fix the dang building glitch


Fortnite’s 2.4.0 patch was supposed to release today, but last night, Epic announced a delay to “further improve stability and hammer out some remaining bugs.” That apparently includes the building bugs that have plagued the game.

“You may have noticed in the patch notes that there’s no fix in to solve the building issues players have been experiencing,” the studio tweeted. “We are aware that some of you are being affected by these problems and are working to solve this ASAP. […] Please continue reporting this and providing examples and we’ll keep you updated as we make progress on a solution.”

Players were also compensated for all the downtime and bugs of 2.3.0 with 1600 seasonal gold and 20 battle stars.

When it does finally launch, 2.4.0 will include the new minigun, cozy campfires and new expedition types in Save the World mode, controller tweaks, 3-D resolution preferences, performance adjustments, and UI updates.

Epic’s had a whirlwind week; not only did it apparently pull in an absurd amount of money on Fortnite last quarter, but it called it quits on Paragon.

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