Pantheon’s State of the Game touts pre-alpha and Elves

Tricks and trade.


By far, this is the focus of Pantheon’s February state of the game post by Creative Director Chris Perkins, who reports that the testing has resulted in “overwhelmingly positive and constructive” feedback for the team. The development team is hard at work on the perception system, combat, class design (in particular, the Ranger and Dire Lord), NPC AI and dispositions, and game balancing.

While there are only a few hundred checking out a limited slice of the game at this point, the pre-alpha will be expanding soon as it heads into its second phase next month. Pre-Alpha 2 will open up to include Halnir Cave for gameplay, with additional zones to follow.

The newsletter also shone a spotlight on the Elves, a race that is a “perfect blend of tried-and-true concepts with a new twist that keeps them feeling fresh and exciting.”

“We see a duality at play within the ranks of the Elves, between those inward thinking members weighed down by many sorrows — the Ashen, and their bolder, more proactive counterparts — the Ember,” said Senior Concept Artist Jared Pullen.

Source: Pantheon

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Rolan Storm

As always McQuaid’s games have most fantasy feel about them, even concept art reflects it.

Long wait, though.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

All that cool concept art is reminding me of all the cool concept art that was put out as “sytle guides” for Landmark builders to craft into a Norrath that would never be.

Some of that EQN stuff:

And I attached a very early concept of EQN’s female dwarves because they have been blowing my mind all over again recently (I blame MJ’s SOE Live tweets).

On topic:
Umm, Pantheon? Yeah it still sounds cool. Good luck Visionary Realms. Having not read their intent with the elfs and elven architecture there, I can point out the obvious and say it is very Tolkienesque. I can’t really be bothered to try to understand what every studio and every games’ version of “pre-alpha” and all that crap are anymore. Just do it and do it well! I’ll be waiting.