Worlds Adrift fears not this Blight


By the sound of it, the Blight is probably not a healthy, safe phenomenon for Worlds Adrift players to encounter. And yet, both the community and the dev team are anticipating the addition of this hazard in next Tuesday’s 0.1.7 patch.

The devs said that a movement has grown up around this addition: “You all seem really excited at the prospect of being engulfed by the Blight! So much so that we’ve had reports of a player group calling themselves ‘The Blightests,’ with each member going by a different name starting with ‘Father,’ who travel the skies and demand people follow the way of the Blight.”

A deeper look at the Blight should be coming soon to a YouTube near you.

There are many other projects on deck past this patch, including the alliance system, tutorial design, better FPS, and self-cleaning island storms (seriously). The team also has a humorous attitude toward a ship placement bug: “Began the hunt for Mildred, the ghost of World’s Adrift, who likes to mysteriously move ships about.”


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I see what you did there with the title, Justin; I’ve listened to the GW2 soundtrack. One of my favorites from it, by the way.

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I was about to post the same thing, but you beat me to it – kudos. Alas, I’m not as fond of the tune.