RuneScape bans dozens of accounts for exploiting Clue Scrolls


RuneScape players who’ve been enjoying the new Clue Scroll content have seen the fun dampened by – what else – rampant exploiting. Jagex hopped on Reddit to explain just what’s going on, starting with the fact that six accounts have been banned, some permanently, some temporarily, with an additional 50+ players banned for being “involved in real-world trading linked to the bug abuse.”

“We acted decisively to minimise the impact this bug had on the health of the game, and our initial analysis shows that the effect on the economy has been negligible,” Mod Infinity wrote. “Once we became aware of the issue we immediately locked all accounts involved as a precautionary measure, allowing us time to fully investigate and review those potentially involved.”

Interestingly, the studio is also pulling all of the illegitimately created (duped?) items from innocent players who bought them on auction – and then reimbursing the innocent players with their currency. A rare and generous move from an MMO studio indeed.

“We are working to remove every item which was injected into the economy as a result of this bug, we are satisfied that the majority have already been traced down & removed, and those involved in serious rule breaking permanently banned.”

In other RuneScape news, Jagex today posted its annual survey, which is the best place to deliver your opinion on what the company should focus on in the coming year, so make sure your voice is heard.

Source: Reddit, Twitter
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Nice to see a dev at least try to fight the good fight, though I suspect if 6 cheaters is all they’ve caught they aren’t making much ground.

It’s the thought that counts


Six for this particular bug and 50+ for real world trading in connection to the bug. From the Reddit discussion, this bug required very very specific circumstances to be in place before it worked, so presumably very few people would have been able to access it before it was brought to Jagex’s attention.