Dota 2 introduces a subscription option for players

And it's gone.

After a long time of being free-to-play, Dota 2 is exploring the possibility of letting you pay money for it on a regular basis. Sure, cosmetics have always been there, but you couldn’t subscribe just for cosmetic impact. But now you can with the game’s Dota Plus subscription, charging $4 a month for unlimited access to the weekly Battle Cup along with hero progression tracks and challenges along the way.

Players can also unlock a little added advantage in the form of the Plus Assistant, which will offer suggestions and advice about how to play the game and how to level based on your matches and your play patterns. Whether or not this offers an unfair advantage for the subscription price is going to be in the eye of the beholder; then again, most of the beholders probably wouldn’t have expected to have a subscription option for a MOBA in the first place. It’s a wild time to be alive.

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Nick Smith

Smite has that bonus token you can purchase to get more goodies each match.

Danny Smith

“g-good guy valve, le ebig gaben will use this to fund HL3 a-any day now” – the last survivors of the near extinct valvedrone.


heh even valve is steering away from f2p… I really don’t like subs but I have no problem with 1 time fees. TBH I prefer them.


Sounds interesting tbh. $4 isn’t that bad either for it. One of DotA’s biggest issues with getting new blood is that it’s hard as hell to learn, so that could prove handy for people who want to try and improve/get better faster.

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Maybe they can make a new movie starring better off Ukrainians titled: “Subscription: Optional”