Warframe launches Zephyr Prime warframe as part of ‘prime access’ program

If you haven’t paid any attention to Warframe’s Prime Access program, now might be the time. Digital Extremes’ rotating monetization system essentially allows players to buy or grind for elite (Prime) versions of warframes. Live this week on both PC and console is Zephyr Prime, “a more powerful version of the standard Zephyr Warframe,” an “agile and graceful” warframe who’s “in her element while bending air currents, dash-gliding through the air, and bewildering enemies with stunning dive-bombs from above.”

The Zephyr Prime pack isn’t cheap, even in its cheapest version, running from about 50 bucks to 140 bucks (USD), so do note that DE says you can grab her “by earning and crafting for free in-game through the Relic system,” though of course there are other exclusive bits in the pack that you’d be missing out on (chiefly, the Zephyr Prime glyph pack, Tibor Prime armor, and long-term boosters).

Meanwhile, the first part of the promised Warframe documentary by crowdfunded outfit Noclip is live and free for watching!

Source: Press release, prime access, FAQYouTube. Thanks, BrotherMaynard!
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