Darkfall: Rise of Agon pushes out market system patch


If the economy is the lifeblood of an MMORPG, then Darkfall: Rise of Agon predicts a healthy prognosis with its new market system patch.

The patch opens up markets all over the game, thanks to the Merchants Guild Alliance. These city hubs are places for crafters to buy, sell, and take orders for specific wares. Rise of Agon takes travel into consideration with this system, charging a “distance fee” for buyers if they’re purchasing far away from the seller’s locale.

The market system is made possible through the new global wallet, which is linked to global banking throughout the game.

The dev team wants the MMO community to know that it is running a free trial period through March 31st for anyone interested in checking out the game.

Source: Patch notes

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Kane Hart

So the game is dying already that they need to make Global Auction House pretty much. Remember this is not suppose to exist this was suppose to be more eve like…. You wanted to buy gear from a special crafter you hire or make the trip yourself.