The Super Adventure Box Festival (and chairs) has taken over Guild Wars 2

Were you under the impression that Guild Wars 2 was only heralding the return of the wonderful, magnificent Super Adventure Box? Nay, my friends, this year it’s a whole Super Adventure Festival, complete with a cheesy retro splash page.

OK, it’s pretty much the classic Super Adventure Box with frills, but oh, what thrills those frills are! From now through April 19th, players can dive into the retro-themed game to grind out bubbles and earn all manner of prizes. There are musical boom boxes, guild hall decorations, and weapon skins to be had before the event ends.

Players can activate a “tribulation mode” for higher challenge this year, and the Super Adventure Festival page has a free wallpaper and a Rytlock Critter Rampage mini-game to play. Have fun and game responsibly!

Meanwhile, ANet has released another round of chairs, these inspired by IKEA. I mean, “EVON.” Wink wink.

MOP will be streaming the fun on OPTV at 3 p.m. EDT, so join us then!

Source: Guild Wars 2
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Peregrine Falcon

GW2’s “Sitting in Chairs” joke almost sounds like they’re making fun of SWTOR.


I don’t get the chairs thing. Is it just for the achievements?