World of Warcraft kicks off Noblegarden through April 9

No sides

May World of Warcraft offer you an egg in this trying time? How about several eggs? Look, the point is that Noblegarden has arrived, and that means eggs. That also means it’s your chance once more to earn some seasonal pets, a seasonal mount, and the “Noble” title to help put the spring in your step.

See, it’s a seasonal pun. Because it’s the start of spring, and… oh, never mind.

The event is running through April 9th, and interested players should search for brightly painted eggs in several specific zones. The eggs contain chocolates and/or items, with the chocolates used to specifically purchase the items otherwise found in eggs. If you’ve got a mighty need for the seasonal accoutrements or just a need for the title, hop to it! (Yes, like a rabbit. You got that one.)

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