Star Trek Online launches Season 14.5 behind the eyes of the Tzenkethi

Behind my own eyes.
Those of you longing to play a Tzenkethi captain in Star Trek Online will not have your wishes answered with the Season 14.5 update, but you will get a taste of it with the chance to see events from Neth Par’s point of view. The update lets players experience her look at what happened behind the scenes, revisiting familiar events from a new perspective to explain her decision to defect. That should be pretty interesting for anyone looking forward to the next big story update coming with the game’s approaching expansion.

The patch also includes a revision to the game’s lockbox system as well as a new secondary specialization for players. Want to keep law and order? Then pick up the Constable secondary to emulate Odo and keep your space under control. (We can only hope that the specialization includes the ability to project disappointed huffs.) The update is live now on PC, but console players will have to wait just a little bit longer.

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