Blade & Soul delays its Eternal Night update deeper into May

Blade & Soul players are going to have to chew on a bit of a sour grape today, as NCsoft announced that it made the decision to push the upcoming Eternal Night patch back a week to May 9th.

The dev team said that it had “come across a number of issues that will require additional testing and preparation” and apologized for the one-week delay in the update’s rollout. There is a firm, sweet grape to eat with this news, however: NCsoft is going to extend its daily dash, login rewards, and the Automaton Assault event until the 9th to keep players busy and happy.

The Eternal Night update will throw players into a 12-person raid called Nightfall Sanctuary, a dungeon known as Sandstorm Temple, and allow for the acquisition of new legendary gear.

Source: Blade & Soul
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Heh. I just commented on the break neck speed this game has been on ever since I can remember in the article discussion on what keeps me playing an MMO.

So, I’m A.OK. with this. In fact, I was wondering if it might not be a bit too soon for this new raid. New raids in BnS, as in most games, means a new tier of gear. And that in BnS also means a lowering of the requirements to access the previous gear. And it can get very complicated. New paths of progression are the result for every class. Dungeons are also affected as the top tier dungeons become more accessible and the medium much less difficult. And if you get the mix wrong, it could be harmful to new and old players.

So I don’t mind the delay. It will help me stock up and prepare, if you will. My progression is about a raid behind so, I plan on begin my assault on Vortex Temple in May.

So, meh. All good here chief. But when do we get the story update? My Hongmoon students are getting restless. Lol!


So no Lyn Kung Fu Masters, Soul Thingies or Assassins for this one? :(


No. Lol. Rumor is that the next class is coming soon. Not sure which races it will cover but the speculation is it will wield a spear.



….though I am not surprised about that class rumor. It seems every mob and their dog has a lancer. Including that scary mullet boss of the Lumang Syndicate. o.O