Star Wars: The Old Republic uncovers The Nathema Conspiracy

Still here, guy.
If you’ve always thought that there was a conspiracy over at BioWare, it turns out you were right. It also turns out that it’s a good thing there is one, because The Nathema Conspiracy is making Star Wars: The Old Republic more full-featured.

Game Update 5.9 is here with a brand-new flashpoint that wraps up the traitor saga and brings back the companions of Felix Iresso, Akaavi Spar, and Mako. In honor of the patch, double rewards are running and point games for repeatable objectives have been increased.

You’ll also want to log in tomorrow, when the May the 4th holiday will grant you a free astromech pet (and if you’re a subscriber, a speeder as well).

The patch notes are just the beginning — tune in tomorrow, when Massively OP’s Larry will bring you his first impressions of this game update!

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spencer quinn

IMO I loved the new story flashpoint and Really like Mako romance return.

Kickstarter Donor

Yeah, my female bounty hunter doesn’t have that option, so a short conversation.

That sounds cool, will watch a vid.

Kickstarter Donor

I hadn’t seen Mako in 6 years and this results in a short conversation? lulz

Toy Clown

I admit the last chapter was the most entertaining, and best chapter I’ve enjoyed in TOR. I never really got into romancing my companions as a roleplayer, since other players were more fun in that regard! But when the choice came between Koth and Theron, I struggled, then flipped a coin and chose Theron.

Talk about a wild ride the last chapter was for that reason!


This is likely to be the last story update of the year or at least until November. So lets hope its good.

The two worst things they could do is, first have the traitor turn round and say I’m really on your side but I had to sell it so all those things I did to try and kill you and the deaths of all those people I caused was to make it look real, oh clearly I couldn’t let you in on it cause there is no way I could pass you a note saying we are being watched!

The second being the destruction of the players (eternal) alliance, a whiny loser with daddy issues was able to conquer the galaxy with the eternal fleet, his psychotic sister inspired undivided loyalty from her troops many of who she murdered for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While the player in this outcome of a story would appear to be the biggest failure, failing to do anything with the fleet, failing to capture a traitor which appears to be the only goal the alliance has had for a year, while his troops desert him after sitting around doing nothing for a year.

Cause at that point they may as well admit they have given up on the player being anything to do with the story and just wanted to write the Valkorian’s story line where they are far superior to the player, who with less resources achieved far more and had far more loyal troops.

Here is hoping to be surprised and not find an already poor story arc over the last year takes the leap to abysmal where they would be better off admitting they would be better off without a story.

IronSalamander8 .

You really hit the nail on the head for my own disillusionment with the game. I don’t expect my character to be THE savior or anything but being a sideshow to this weird family of loons and incompetent power mad imbeciles?

This is why I never understood why so many loved the agent story, the first one I ever completed btw, since a lot of it hinged on your character making poor choices for it to work and KoTxx magnifies this and makes it universal to boot!

IronSalamander8 .

I read the spoilers on reddit from the datamining for this FP and its even more ham-fisted than I thought it would be. It’s scary that I never did the 2nd KoTxx crap on any characters (only 1 got to 65 and for comparison I had 7 at 55 and ran their weekly HM quests every week) and I still knew what was going on and was right on or close on my predictions in discussions with the couple people I know that still play this thing for even this new FP.

And these tank changes? Good grief! What are they trying to do with this game anymore?

Randy Savage

noun: anathema; plural noun: anathemas

something or someone that one vehemently dislikes.

Yeah that about sums it up


So if this is the last piece of the whole Eternal Alliance expansions and after this it goes back to IMP vs. PUB, when and where do I get my Jaesa back???!!!