Ascent: Infinite Realm teases its world-building as it adjusts from beta feedback


Last year’s announcement that Kakao would be bringing the steampunk-flavored Ascent: Infinite Realm to the west was a much-needed shot of encouragement to MMO players who have been desperate for new titles. There was a good month or two in late 2017 when we were genuinely excited for this game as it showed off its trailer, talked about its lofty ambitions, and started Korean beta testing.

Then it kind of dropped off the map, and for the last four months, we’ve heard very little about this game. But now it’s back, baby, and things look like they’re progressing just fine. (True story: This author was just writing a “whatever happened to this game?” post when the official account sent out an update.)

The dev team said that the game is being “refined” following its initial Korean beta test. In the meanwhile, some new teasers and art will hopefully rekindle players’ interest. More previews are promised for upcoming weeks.

“In A:IR you will play a reborn citizen of one of the former kingdoms of Harth and since all your memories are gone, you depend on help and guidance of people around you to get stronger and to find your calling in a world of conflicts,” the devs said. Art was shown of the Nous Expedition uniforms and a key NPC known as General Cruz Axis.

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