Shroud of the Avatar’s upcoming R54 includes new house deco, heraldry items, and lots of polish


MMOs dressing us as murderhobos wouldn’t be so bad if we were super stylish murderhobos, right? Shroud of the Avatar plainly agrees, which is why the headline item in its latest newsletter is dye-able peasant gear that actually looks pretty decent. For peasant gear. I spy demure barmaid gowns too! There’s more to the dev update than dresses, of course. Portalarium includes new images from its do-over for Shaminian Hills, new heraldry items that you can stick your own sigil on, and a list of to-dos for NPCs in Central Brittany.

The studio says R54 is currently on the test server undergoing tweaks; it’s still expected to roll out on May 31st, with performance improvements, the rebuilt and polished zones and scenes (including Shaminian Hills), virtue effects for gear, more hints during the newbie tutorial, polish on companions, new side quests, new recipes, new housing and deco, and a polishing patch for the container UI.

Source: Newsletter

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I don’t care what you do for the game. They launched it with no wipes and let wallet wizards own the whole game before it even started. Then tried to make me enjoy “Being anything” by having the most simple and narrow standard things funneled into some totally weird card draw combat system that makes zero sense.

The game is a total mess.

Chris Spears

Dev Chris here, just to be clear, when you say “weird card draw combat system” you make it clear to everyone that you haven’t actually played the game or not in years and are still just rehashing old concerns that were addressed long ago. Also, no store stuff is tied to power but rather cosmetics. A free trial is still available so it cost nothing to give it a shot so you can more accurately bash it next time:

Or just go watch a stream:


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