The next episode of Guild Wars 2’s living world season has apparently been delayed

You might have noticed it’s Tuesday, and there’s been no big trailer drop for the next Guild Wars 2 living world episode. That’s behind schedule if expected, given datamining, but ArenaNet has now acknowledged the delay all the same.

“The Living World Team currently is hard at work preparing Episode 3 of Living World Season 4,” ArenaNet’s Mike Zadorojny writes through the community team on the official forums. “We’re excited about how it’s shaping up, but wanted to give you a heads up that the release date will be a little outside our normal release cadence.” If that looks like a fancy way of saying the episode is late, welp, have a gold star. But there’s a reason:

“Our key focus while creating the Living World experience is the quality bar we’ve set for ourselves for each episode. With the amount of gameplay and breadth of content in Living World, we noticed that we had an opportunity to make some adjustments to how we approach developing each episode that will help us hit our quality standards more consistently. This logistical change has had some short-term ‘cost’ in time, but will provide benefits to all Living World episodes moving forward. We’ll be announcing Episode 3 as the date gets closer, and everyone on the team is looking forward to playing this new content with you!”

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I’ll be damned if that episode is called Utopia—they might as well have said: GW 3 CONFIRMED!

Bhagpuss Bhagpuss

I’d be happy if they just stopped doing Living Story updates altogether, for good. The format has become formulaic, the story advances by the equivalent of a page or two of a novel every three months, the content lasts about 2-3 hours and the rest is farming for a new map currency to buy things that aren’t very interesting or necessary. The maps are generally good but I find I’m done with them after a week or two, at which point I return to core Tyria, HoT or WvW.

The interim “Side Stories” and “Current Event” content that comes in many of the regular bi-weekly patches in between LS episodes is functionally superior and often a lot more intriguing and thought-provoking. They should double down on that, concentrate on regular gameplay and lore-building and leave the core narrative for expansions, wher ethey at least manage to make it last a couple of weeks rather than a couple of hours.


You’ll excuse me, but I’ll take a new map and new story over a kill 10 kraits daily, the “functionally superior” and “thought provoking” content, somehow.

And I’ll take the LS3&4 over the LS1 too, with a whopping one new event to kill dredge in a month.


LS1 went all the way up to the fall of LA though. There was varied content in there. The new stuff is a rehash. I like that the zones have unique rewards but it isn’t clicking.

The Gleeful Grognard

Living story S1 was terrible and shallow lol.

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It’s a bit difficult to ascertain what the exact benefit is to this delay. You could infer a few things: faster release schedule, more content or less bugs & design issues. Any of those would be good improvements really.

That aside, I’ve been ready for a new release for a while now. I’m hoping the next release will hold my attention more than the last one we got.

Matthäus Wey

“I’m hoping the next release will hold my attention more than the last one we got.”
I fear we all hope that to some extent… like most people (I know) who still play the game just join for a few days after every update and that’s it for the next 2-3 months :/

I also cant image this being too profitable for anet.