The Stream Team: Going to the temple in Path of Exile’s Incursion League

We’re going to the temple and we’re gonna get loooooot! As much as Massively OP’s MJ is tired of starting over in Path of Exile, she can’t help herself. The new leagues just keep sounding so interesting! And now that Incursion has launched she’s got herself another new character to enjoy the uniqueness of this one. Tune in live at 8:00 p.m. for a first temple trip in the new league.

What: Path of Exile
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 8:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

The show is over now, but we’ve embedded it here just for you. Don’t forget to check out past streams and playlists posted to our videos collection!

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Never have I had so many quality skillgems this fast in poe, and almost every visit drops a unique and 15 rares. Already got a full tab of quality gems and 3 tabs of uniques (whatever those are good for, I never use them). Still can’t get maxxed resist at lvl 80 though, and only got a 4 link but since arc totems are op as hell… I survive on pure killing power/rate.