Vainglory brings its mobile MOBA fun to PC after becoming richer than kings


With so many MOBA games out in the field, it’s pretty easy to overlook ones that happen to be on mobile. That would be a mistake in the case of Vainglory, because this game has kind of become the king of mobile MOBAs over the past couple of years. In fact, one industry analyst has estimated that the game has made over $50 million since its 2014 release.

That impressive sum is going to only get bigger in the future, especially now that Vainglory has announced that it will be porting the game to PC and Mac in the coming months. And before you ask, yes, it will feature cross-platform play.

The studio is inviting PC players to try the early alpha version right now as it prepares to expand the game’s reach: “Please note that we still have a lot of work to do–proper text input support, preference settings, UI improvements and custom key bindings, bug fixes, and control input tuning are all in progress. But we’re excited to get started. We want you to be part of this journey and would love your help in making Vainglory for Windows and Mac every bit as good as it is on mobile.”


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First time I’m hearing of a mobile game becoming a pc game, usually its the other way around.

Kevin Németh

I tried it out, it actually quite fun, and I’m really pleasantly surprised about how the game looks and feels. It might become my main moba for the foreseeable future. Thanks for the article.

But not everything is great, the PC client really is in an alpha state, quite a lot of things missing and some things can crash the game, so just keep that in mind!

Cristina Tanase

It’s MEH . Really surprised they made that much with that POS game

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Vainglory is the defacto example of mobile MOBAs being a failure in the US market. It had huge free adverts, by Apple itself on it’s release, and managed 50M? Not great. Kim Kardashian’s dress up game probably made a billion for GLU.