Elite: Dangerous moves into the third chapter of its Beyond cycle next week


You’ve got to appreciate a game like Elite: Dangerous that downplays an update as “smaller” when it contains more new stuff than some other MMOs do in their content releases. So don’t be deceived by the false modesty of Frontier when it pushes out Beyond — Chapter Three on August 28th.

This third installment of the Beyond era adds a new type of ship called Hybrid Fighters that are “light, fast, and agile with strong shields” but have weaker hulls. The patch also debuts the Alliance Crusader, a sizable ship with its own fighter bay. The patch also brings Engineers to Colonia (if you have the Horizons expansion), planetary wing missions, and several new weapons.

Chapter Four should come at the end of 2018.

Source: Official forums, Twitter. Thanks Cotic!
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Every time I play ED, I log in, fly around and then get bored. The game is shallow.

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Kind of tempted to take a poke at this as its been a few months since I had a look at E:D. However I am neck deep into WoW, Path of Exile Delve releases at the same time and I think the last piece of Farcry 5 dlc comes out then too so its unlikely I will get the chance.

Might end up just waiting to see what comes with Chapter 4 as that is the one they have pushed as being the big one of the year with the most content / changes.