Final Fantasy XI will double up big rewards for its September events

This is not a doll.

If there are some objectives in Final Fantasy XI you still need to get done solo, you might want to wait just a little longer until September 11th. That’s when the game is kicking off a bonus campaign that includes a boost of Alter Egos with 50% extra HP and MP along with improved status resistance, so your solo companions will be more durable. But there’s plenty to encourage you to do things in a group as well, starting with the seals campaign, which drops additional seals and crests depending on party members, up to a maximum of six.

Wildskeeper Reives will also spawn faster and drop more items, while high-tier battlefields will drop more personal loot and more shared loot. There are also chances for bigger rewards from Macrocosmic Orb battlefields, improved rewards from Unity battles, new bonuses to Delve… in short, lots of rewards to make it worth your time to get into a group and go challenge things. Or just group up with your Trust companions and take on bosses you might otherwise avoid. Whatever floats your boat.


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