RIFT offers a Maelforge Broodling mount and 2 million loyalty points in a new pack

It's fine. This is fine.
[AL:Rift]The latest pack being offered for sale to RIFT players, the Fires of Maelforge Power Pack, should perhaps be more accurately dubbed the Loyalty Pack. Sure, you get a Maelforge Broodling mount and a costume helm, which is pretty standard for a $30 pack, but you also get two million loyalty points for purchasing it. That’s a lot of loyalty in one go.

Technically you get 30,000 points for purchasing the pack and another 1,970,000 from within the pack itself to make a nice round number, but it’s best not to quibble.

The pack is only going to be sold for a limited time, so players who want the mount or (perhaps more relevantly) the massive boost to loyalty will want to get it before that sale ends. Of course, we also don’t yet have a date for when it ends. Still, that’s a lot of loyalty for a single pack.

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