Dauntless celebrates first birthday with The Middleman and matchmaking update

Finding a handful of daunts.

It’s been a year now since Phoenix Labs’s Monster-Hunter-inspired MMO Dauntless first commenced its closed beta testing. Now, as the game chugs along through its open beta testing, the devs have released an infographic made using data compiled during Dauntless’s first year to commemorate the anniversary. The numbers are interesting and fairly impressive: Over two million players have slain 14,365,766 of the game’s menacing behemoths, crafted 11,967,137 weapons, chugged 124,963,490 potions, dodged 2,700,000,000 times, and collectively amassed 11,983,457 hours of gametime. The infographic also gives a special shout-out to slayer Billyhoyle, whose 100% success rate throughout more than 251 hunts has earned him the title of Slayer MVP.

In other news, Dauntless also recently released its latest patch, OB 0.5.5, which signals the arrival of The Middleman in Ramsgate, refines the game’s matchmaking system, and makes a plethora of quality-of-life updates. The Middleman, of whom we got a preview last week, allows players to buy and combine monster cells that can be used to enhance gear with a variety of perks. Players can also expect matchmaking to take less time to load, match groups more consistently, and provide “more flexibility when preparing for hunts.” For the full details on these improvements as well as the bevy of smaller quality-of-life updates that the patch introduced, you check out the patch notes on the game’s official site.

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