Kickstarted MMORTS War of Conquest has landed on Steam early access


Ever wonder why game studios seem so hesitant to marry MMORPGs and strategy games anywhere but on mobile? War of Conquest is doing just that, right on Steam for PC players as well as mobile players. In fact, not only is this one on Steam and playable right now, but we can add this one right into the bin of successful Kickstarter MMOs, as it was funded by backers a year ago.

Studio IronZog built the game as a sequel to its 2002 title of the same name, which ran for almost a decade; the company’s co-creators were both Asheron’s Call devs way back in the day, so it’s no surprise that this a genuinely massively multiplayer title.

“War of Conquest will place you in a single, wide-open world with thousands of other players, to develop your nation, compete for resources, and seek to capture the mysterious Orbs of Power. Along the way you’ll be able to choose from a huge variety of technological and magical advances, forge alliances and rivalries, and become part of a community. Imagine open-world tower defense real-time strategy. This game is about founding a nation, developing its resources and abilities, and clashing with other nations over land and treasure. It is massively multiplayer, allowing thousands of players’ nations to occupy the same game world. All nations in War of Conquest co-exist on a single huge game map. To expand your nation or move it from one place to another means going around—or through—your neighbors. War of Conquest was designed around this aspect. A nation’s valuable assets are found not so much in the land it holds and the defenses it’s built, which are liable to be conquered, recaptured, rebuilt, destroyed and relocated over and over—but in the technological advances it’s developed, the resources it’s gathered and the alliances it’s engineered. The goal is to gradually build up your nation’s power, and your own skills, to the point that you are able to capture and defend the Orbs of Power—mysterious artifacts scattered over the landscape, remnants of a former age.”

The game is expected to run in early access for a relatively brief time: just three months. It’s currently free-to-play on Steam.

Source: Steam

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Read some comments before losing your time…
“Attacking costs manpower and when you run out you can’t attack and regeneration of it is very slow. You can buy credits to instantly refill up to 200% of your manpower per 24 hours according to the guide.”

“Played a bit and ran out of manpower, gave me the option to buy more and thought why bother?

Seems like a typical cash grab of a game like Clash of Clans. Totally pay to win.”

not worth…

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I’d personally say that it’s much more P2W than Clash of Clans


You can actually see in the default screenshots that there are some of those gimmicky resources that make those games P2W. Like gems, energy, etc.

This isn’t how to go about it, especially on PC and Steam at that. A game should at least have an option for grind, not limit your actions based on how much you pay.

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Hmm, interesting. Speaking as a big fan of Civilization 6 and Rome TW2, I may have to give this one a try. Ty for bringing to my attention.