Neverwinter explains its upcoming balance changes for all classes

You're tricked.

The next major update for Neverwinter is bringing some pretty major changes, especially for Trickster Rogues and Control Wizards. Not exclusively those two, though; players of those particular classes have just been long awaiting improvements, and they’re getting them. Control Wizards have seen longstanding bugs resolved, abilities brought more in line with the consistent performance they were supposed to deliver, and a few minor downgrades balanced by an across-the-board damage buff. Trickster Rogues, on the other hand, have had Stealth mechanics reworked to make it more viable to get back into Stealth instead of functionally impossible.

Scourge Warlocks and Oathbound Paladins have also received some big changes in the animation department; players complained that both options felt rather sluggish, but they should move and work faster now. You can check out the full rundown for all of the balance changes on their way, even if your class wasn’t one of the big ones on display. Everyone gets some adjustments!


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Pretty game, nice responsive UI….but never could understand how they could possibly relate it to D&D. I mean, yes, they’re using a D&D setting but the mechanics have NOTHING to do with D&D (then again, DDO itself has wandered pretty far from that as well).


NWO is using the 4th edition version of D&D as a model, which wasn’t well received and resulted in another company (Piazo) making Pathfinder as a result.

For an action game it emulates 4E pretty well IMO, but most video games are only going to be close if they are multiplayer, because by default tabletop rpgs are turn based.

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As if this should be a shocker to anyone, most of the forums talking about these changes have been run over by people [still] whining about the Ban-a-palooza that happened the other day. So if you are wanting to avoid reading more of that, good luck, you’ll have to wade through that cesspool. Bring a plunger. :P