Neverwinter’s Heart of Fire includes a bank heist skirmish, but you’re the guard, not the thief

When Neverwinter’s Heart of Fire module launches on November 6th, it’ll bring with it one of my favorite types of content: a straight-up bank heist. Specifically, it’s a new skirmish dubbed the Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish, and it’s the subject of PWE’s latest dev blog. The downside here, of course, is that you’re playing the good guys defending against the heist (which is more like a straight-up attack); essentially, you’re running around, trying to use the bad guys’ rune-bombs against them, fighting off rust monsters, and closing down portals to stop the Zhentarim from flooding into the bank.

“The Zhentarim are planning an assault on the Manycoins Bank in Protector’s Enclave. They seek the fabled Stone of Golorr which is rumored to be hidden there by Lord Neverember himself. Neverember has enlisted the help of Acquisitions Inc. to protect the bank. Jim Darkmagic’s new unhealthy obsession with the Wand of Wonder could be a boon or a detriment.”

And what do you get for your trouble? Loot based on how well you defend the structure and the treasures it holds. “Mitigating vault damage in the first two phases and closing portals as quickly as possible during the third phase are key goals for maximizing earnings (vaults don’t repair themselves)!” says PWE’s Mike “Bicyclops” DiRenzo. “Don’t despair if you fall short of maximum compensation on your first attempt. The Zhentarim are a persistent lot and Acquisitions Inc. will surely need more adventurers to aid them against future bank heists.”

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