Blizzard is hosting a Diablo-themed scavenger hunt leading up to Switch launch


The launch of Diablo III Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch is less than a month away, and to get players hyped up for the occasion, Blizzard is hosting a legendary scavenger hunt that will have players scouring the world, both real and virtual, to find hidden items and earn chances to win fabulous prizes. It works like this: Blizzard is going to be tweeting out a variety of clues that, once deciphered, will lead players to specific locations — online or in the real world — where they will find items or QR codes that can be added to their collection pages, where players can track the items they’ve found so far.

Each item found will reward entries into a prize drawing that will be held at the hunt’s conclusion, with higher-rarity items providing more entries. The prizes up for grabs include “copies of the Diablo III Eternal Collection Nintendo Switch Bundle, digital copies of the game, and various collectible goodies.” That’s not all, though: “You can also earn real life versions of some of the items you’ll find on the hunt,” the announcement says. “These are one-of-a-kind artifacts, brought to life by the crafting masters at Volpin Props.” If you want to try to get your hands on any of these shiny prizes, keep an eye on the official Diablo Twitter page and get ready to put your sleuthing skills to the test.


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World of Diablo Craft Hype Train, all aboard!!!


The Diablo hype is getting pretty fever pitch.

Kinda hope it’s just D3 on the switch at this point.

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