Crowfall shows off its animations for making the Guinecean moves

From a certain point of view.

The latest video from the Crowfall team covers both a monstrous race and bones! How could it be anything less than seasonally appropriate? Of course, the monstrous race in question is the Guineceans, and the “bones” under discussion are the ones used to rig an animation with a model so that everything animates properly… but let’s not quibble, right? Monsters and bones are being discussed, it all counts.

The video is specifically showing off the process of making the Guinecean victory pose, along with numerous asides about the race as a whole and other potential animation projects. (Yes, lady Guineceans would have some very lovely flowing dresses, but does anyone really want to sit down and rig those models for animations? That’s why those aren’t here yet.) If you’re always eager to see some animation undertaken, jump on down to the video and tell anyone who walks up that it’s a video about monsters and bones. It’s mostly true.

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