Red Dead Redemption 2 has officially launched, and now the wait for multiplayer begins


You might not remember it now that you’re probably boot-deep in cow poop and cowboy blood, but Red Dead Redemption 2 suffered multiple setbacks as well as large delays along its path to release. A year ago, Rockstar was busy obliviously defending lockboxes. In recent weeks, it’s been plagued by accusations of abusive work conditions after studio reps obliviously bragged about 100-hour work weeks and then obliviously compared the overworked employees to magical elves. (Some people need to be forbidden to give interviews for their own good. Just stop talking, dudes.)

So you’d think today’s launch would be fraught with caveats. But you’d be wrong! The mainstream media is busy treating the arrival of RDR2 as a “cultural [event] akin to a new Star Wars film,” the “most realistic video game ever made” with “the most believable open world yet.” Gamasutra is hailing it as a “masterpiece.” One site basically said you’re not a real gamer if you aren’t into it. Even The Onion has a bit.

Of course, the reason Massively OP is following the game isn’t so much for the single-player console launch but rather for the promise of the multiplayer version, Red Dead Online, which is due to hit testing next month, plus the PC version, which is still just a rumor, but a likely one.

Here’s a run-down of our coverage since the original announcement!

Don’t forget to eat, sleep, and bathe! Out of game, that is. In-game, that’s up to you.

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