Final Fantasy XIV previews Eureka Pyros and further Hildibrand adventures

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Patch 4.45 for Final Fantasy XIV is just around the corner, and it’s bringing with it another venture into Eureka. You might hate the Pagos region (actually, most people seem to hate Pagos, so that’s not unusual), but Pyros promises to be an entirely different experience, with both a whole lot of fire and a new system of combining mnemes to form new role-agnostic actions. Want to cast a Cure spell on your Lancer? You’ll be able to do that there.

For those who have more or less clocked out of the Eureka line at this point, though, you will still get something new with the inclusion of new adventures with the world’s greatest inspector, Hildibrand. He’s the man who catches criminals the world over, and he’s sure to put an end to the nefarious deeds afoot in Kugane, only some of which are directly attributed to his own negligence and lack of attention! You can check out previews of both on the game’s special patch site.

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Danny Smith

Everyone i know dropped Eureka before the second area was added and never looked back. Shame since it feels -delay aside- it was intended as the central pillar of downtime content to do between raids and crafting and the like but from every site i’ve visited it is at best seen as an unfortunate obstacle to dyeable gear and everyone else views it as some form of gold bot simulator thats a fun void and not worth doing. Even the crazies who had every relic and padjal weapon in previous expansion content.

Kickstarter Donor

Man, sometimes I’m tempted to go back to the game (having progressed only a couple of zones into Stormblood), but then these previews show some dungeon combat and I feel utter exhaustion again.