SoulWorker Online improves Lilly’s character advancement with its newest patch

You know what would be neat? Adults. Having adult characters.

It’s time for Lilly to get some new tricks in SoulWorker Online. Sure, she’s still hopping around with a scythe, but why not get some extra oomph in there? The latest patch adds in more advancement, a new secondary weapon, six new skills, and a wide enough array of new tricks that Lilly should be even more suited to hacking her way through hordes of enemies. (This is good, since “hacking through hordes” is kind of the game’s central raison d’etre.)

Lilly is the second of the game’s six characters to receive such an update, with further updates planned for the remaining four in a similar fashion. For now, though, check out the video and screenshots for Lilly’s moment in the sun just below. Perhaps you could work out some good scythe-related puns while you do so; it’s usually a bit harder to make those work.

Source: Gameforge press release
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