Shroud of the Avatar details continuing work on fishing, teases roleplay content stream


Halloween is over, and you know what that means: Yep, two whole months of Christmas. Shroud of the Avatar is already teasing its winter buyables, including a sweet snow sleigh.

There’s much more to the game’s latest newsletter, however; Portalarium is teasing continuing work on the fishing system, which saw its first overhaul in the October patch.

“Fishing Phase 2 continues to deliver more expansions to the fishing system. Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 will see more fishing skills, Lava fishing, more fish recipes, and rotating POT bonuses. Meanwhile in Release 60 we are introducing a new Fishing Expedition scene and adding a fishing hole to the Alpine Player Owned Town template.”

Roleplayers, a heads-up: The studio’s stream this coming Friday evening is aimed at you: “This week we are going to talk about how Shroud of the Avatar facilitates Sandbox Roleplay with our housing system, emotes, conversations, clothing, and more.”

Source: Newsletter

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I actually tried to play this the other day after reading here it was f2p… got as far as picking a name before giving up, didn’t even get to see my toon or edit its appearance before the performance pissed me off too much. I thought it was just my comp…

Songs for Children

Players: The game is ugly! The game is poorly optimized! There’s too much RMT!

Portalarium: Heyyyy! How would you like to go fishing?

Rebel Engie

I played this game in the last week and got absolutely fed up with how it kept locking up my machine (after about 30min play, it hogged 8Gig of memory and I had to restart my PC to get any response back from it).

It is using the REGISTRY to store character inventory and seem to have a massive memory leak. Amateur hour.

The game design is good, but the execution is 2/10.

Bruno Brito

Optimize the damn game. I can’t even play the stuff already in there because this game runs like a fucking hungry mule.

Songs for Children

They probably don’t have the expertise to fix it.

Caleb Cranson

Yay more worthless game mechanics being implemented that will only add to the myriad number of bugs still in the game. Awesome!

Forget about actually fixing the quests and the actual story let’s add more content that we can monetize in the shop! Sweet!


oh wow, shroud is going to add more stuff to their cash shop? i didn’t see this coming.