Defiance 2050 updates playerbase following Trion buyout, looks forward to the future


We haven’t heard specifically from the Defiance 2050 team since last month when Trion was acquired by Gamigo and the majority of its employees laid off, aside from a generic message posted to all of Trion’s forums from the new owners. But yesterday the game broke its silence with a new team letter posted on the game’s official site. “The Defiance team is still here and working hard to continue development for Defiance 2050,” the letter assures players, continuing, “Critical team members like Zephkial, Rarnok, and Destromathe are working their butts off to bring new content to you.”

Although the team says it’s still working to “fully integrate all the former Trion staff into the new organization,” the devs are nevertheless continuing to work on the game’s next big update, which will focus on the Synergy Matrix. The devs will be revealing more about the update and its new system in an upcoming livestream on its new Twitch channel on Friday, November 16th, at 1:30 p.m. EST. And while they wait on the next update, players can “look forward to the return of the Solstice Strike event in December as well as upcoming Black Friday and big holiday sales.”


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Tee Parsley

New content be damned! Make the old content work properly first…..


I imagine it was easy to keep the Defiance team on board given it’s been a skeleton team for years now.


working their butts off to bring new content to you

And by new they mean content that already existed in Defiance.


They have a player base?

Danny Smith

Of all the games on the list this is the biggest ‘i dont believe you’ option of the lot.