The Daily Grind: What are your reactions to this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fanfest?

Faires past

Game-specific conventions are always a wild ride. Square-Enix didn’t have to spend the past few days wowing people who had no idea about what Final Fantasy XIV is; the fan festival is an event in which the developers want to impress the players and fans, and that was clearly on display over the weekend. Presumably. See, I’m writing this on Wednesday, and those of you capable of recalling time would note that I’m not even going to be in Las Vegas until Thursday, which means that I don’t even yet know what the reveals for the event will look like.

What I do know is that the event always packs a lot of stuff into its runtime, and that means fans, gawkers, and disinterested outsiders will all have stuff to see while the festival kicks off, ramps up, and winds down. So let’s just put this out for the future. What are your reactions to this year’s Final Fantasy XIV fan festival? Was it impressive to you, as a fan or just an observer? Did it seem fun? Do you wish you had been there or are you happy you weren’t?

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