Check out the new maps being built for City of Heroes’ Paragon Chat


City of Heroes refugees have long since scattered across the internet, spread among emulators, other superhero titles, and indie games being built in the spirit of the original. But the community locus is still Paragon Chat, the player-run pseudo-emulator that allows gamers to log into a version of the game with travel, chat, and costumes – but few of the advancement and combat mechanics for which the game was known.

The fun part is that Paragon Chat sees not just community events but regular updates; for example, back in July, the volunteer devs implemented supergroup bases. In fact, some of the modders are working on creating new maps as well as unearthing unpublished maps from the original game. One such modder, Demon Hunter, is featured on a recent stream showing off his work on rebuilding the Rikti War Zone and Kallisti Wharf, the latter of which was apparently under construction by Paragon Studios for the never-released Issue 25. Currently, the maps themselves are available only as sideloading mods for your Paragon Chat install, but eventually, there will be a built-in patching system for this kind of content.

We’ve included the whole stream below!

MJ and I took a look at the supergroup base additions a few months ago; you can check that out too!

Source: Twitter

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I read this about an hour ago, and it reminded me that I had everything installed but hadn’t tried it out yet. So I registered on Titan Network and went in. It was the first time I’d been inside CoH since it went, you know. (Can’t say it!). Gee whizz, I was not expecting to have such an emotional response!

The character creator was insane, I got my old Jpgs of my characters out and re-built my main almost perfectly (only his boots seem to have disappeared). Joy! Pure delight. Then I went into the tutorial, and then to Orobouros and into Atlas Park, King’s Row, and a few others. I have to admit, I did cry a tiny tiny bit being back in there, with the memories and so on. My over-riding thought is that it should have been made a criminal act, stopping this one. You know what I mean!


These guys passion is plain to see.

Excellent work you all and those are really nice additions.


He should see if there is room for him on the emulator development team instead of Paragon Chat.


There has been a fair amount of communication between SEGS and Paragon Chat, but the projects are using different methods and have different goals.


My internal conflict at being happy to see CoH content, and then the immediate sadness that I cannot play the game as-it-was is always such a wild string of emotions to go through.

Fortunately, it happens so often that I’m getting better at moving through the stages of grief faster and faster every time.