Star Trek Online community stands divided over a Reddit protest targeting game issues


The Star Trek Online community is in uproar today after a popular subreddit was taken private by its mods in protest over problems with the game. Here’s the admin message on /r/stobuilds, a sub that helps players figure out how to build their toons, right now.

“It is regretful to say that r/STOBuilds is being placed under private status due to game state being in constant flux and constant issues with unbalanced gear, traits and items, as well as complete lack of apparent willingness for fixes to these issues to be implemented; until these issues are addressed and we feel that it is safe to continue hosting knowing that players will receive correct accurate information we will reopen. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that we can reopen soon.”

On the regular STO reddit, however, gamers are not at all pleased about the move, arguing that the mods are “hijack[ing] player resources.” While one player called it an “early Christmas present for Cryptic” – i.e., self-inflicted wounds on a sub that digs too deeply into the studio’s code and otherwise irritates the studio – another summed it up thus:

“Absolutely appalling when little tin gods like this can hold such a vast repository of knowledge hostage. The Irony? Cryptic/PWE won’t give a damn, instead these people just end up turning themselves into some of the most reviled people in the STO community for a pulling a stunt like this.”

This is far from the first player protest in an MMO; we’ve rounded up a few of the more notable ones from the last few years right here. And yes, sometimes they do work. But generally they have the support of most of the community behind them.

Source: Reddit. Thanks, CapnLan!
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