You HAVE to see these Roaring Twenties-inspired Star Citizen clothes concept pieces


Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner are back at the helm of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse this week, and it’s fun! But let’s be honest, you should skip past the beginning and just go to about 12:40 in the video to see the Hurston concept clothes. They are swanky as heck, Roaring Twenties inspired with a sci-fi twist.

“What we’re looking for in the female assets is something that looks just as good on the female as it did on the male. We’re not looking to spend a ton of time redesigning or recreating all these assets because they already look pretty great. We’re not looking to female-ize or hypersexualize this; we want it to be one-to-one and that it’s just as it as it was on the male – and that it’s overall pretty gender-neutral.”

Worth noting is that 3.4 has moved to the PTU second wave testers – as tipster DK reminds us, that’s basically concierge subbers and other random and hand-picked folks.

Finally, if you were still expecting the promised infodump on Squadron 42, that’s been pushed back to December 20th.

Source: Around the Verse. Thanks, DK!
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