Crowfall’s latest stream is all about the art of cooking


Sure, fighting in large-scale PvP is fun, but have you considered focusing on cooking instead? The latest Crowfall livestream was all about the art of taking ingredients and turning them into delicious meals, and while that might sound boring to some parts of the audience, it’s worth recalling that eating a nice meal will have a positive effect on your performance. You need to eat, after all. It just makes sense. Have some food.

Of course, some parts of the system are still not finished; designer Valerie Kromas outright says that the herbs and spices in recipes currently doesn’t do anything, for example, but there are future plans to make them important modifiers to enhance food. Check out the whole stream just below to learn plenty about cooking. Within Crowfall, that is. You will not walk away from this video knowing anything about cooking in real life aside from the fact that it requires ingredients and usually heat.

Source: YouTube