Trove patches up gem expertise quests in Crystal Combat on PC today and celebrates Renewas

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Trove is due for a wee update today to fix some of the more unfortunate chunks of December’s Crystal Combat content release. Gamigo says its fixed a missing portal, sorted out the confusing parts of the gems expertise quest line, and made new weapon styles tradeable. We’re talking about PC here, mind you; console still doesn’t have the original content update.

Incidentally, if you’re still completely lost on the way gems work, check out Scythe’s guide; we’ve tucked it down below. I can say from experience that understanding gems is fundamental to success in the game, and you’re going to be struggling in your teen levels without that knowledge.

Finally, Gamigo is in the midst of “Renewas 2018,” a two-week event for Trove that’s dishing out traditional login rewards.

Source: Patch notes

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