EVE Online releases its December 2018 economic report

If you can't stand up, you can't do war.

Forget space adventures, who’d like to look at some spreadsheets? Yes, it’s time for the monthly official EVE Online economic report, breaking down all of the important economic data for players with a keen awareness of economic math to break down and analyze in detail. Or for players to glance at quickly to ensure that yes, The Forge still has a great deal of destroyed property and exports. The more things change and so forth.

That’s not to imply that nothing has changed from the prior report, of course; Lonetrek spiked up over other regions in net imports, for example, and Essence is the top export region for this report. But it’s still the sort of information of chief interest to those with a deep knowledge of the game’s economic factors and what would drive changes to the game’s shifting environment. Check out the full thing if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool economic analyst or just someone who likes glancing at video game economic charts.

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If you have used the word “economic” three times and haven’t hit a period yet, it might be a sign that you should rethink your wording choices in that sentence.