Star Wars: The Old Republic fan petition asks for more funding for the game to give it new life


The state of Star Wars: The Old Republic is an odd one. It would seem odd to contend that the game is dying, but as the fan-created petition to revive the game notes, it’s not doing nearly as well as it could be. Hence, the petition, aimed at BioWare’s parent company of Electronic Arts and imploring the company to allocate more funding to the game in hopes of letting it reach the audience that it’s capable of engaging.

Of course, the petition is not without suggestions or ideas about how to do that; a console port, for example, is floated as one of the ways that increased funding could also lead to a broader audience. Fans on Reddit are somewhat dubious about the potential outcomes, but it seems like a good-faith effort even if the odds of a significant impact may be low. It has a better chance of accomplishing its goals than doing nothing, at the very least. If you’ve missed it, our resident SWTOR columnist Larry has just finished a recap of the year in the game.

Source: Petition, Reddit; thanks to Setsua for the tip!
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I know how to fix it! Bring back SWG.

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Disney needs to cancel EA and give EA a wake up call.

Axetwin .

A console port just wouldn’t work. Not without the game receiving a ma-HASsive overhaul. The sheer number of skills that need to be equipped just don’t work with a controller.

I think it’s a sweet idea, but it’s time to face reality. The Old Republic just recently turned 7, and the reality is, that is 6 years longer than it probably deserved. The game went f2p less than a year after it launched. Unlike SqureEnix, EA didn’t take things back to the drawing board to figure out why the game wasn’t doing well. They just relaunched the game in the f2p market with HORRENDOUS f2p restrictions. Restrictions that haven’t lessened over the years, but have actually gotten worse.

Additional funding won’t fix the game. It’s time to let the game go peacefully. It’s had 7 years to “reach the audience that it’s capable of engaging”. Believe it or not, it DID find that audience, it just failed to keep them due to corporate ineptitude and greed.


Good luck with that. They would’ve had my steady income for years if they hadn’t fumbled the ball so badly early on and scared me off.


Let go of EA, Disney.


The best thing that can happen to Star Wars is for EA to lose its exclusive rights.



The game has been in a semi-maintenance mode since shortly after launch. the game tanked and was heading for financial failure and shutdown (read the ea investor reports from that time period, it dropped below the break even point between 3 and 6 months after launch).

F2P stabalised it, but the game has never made much money compared to the initial investment.

This is why every single expansion for the game has been tiny and lacking in content. EA are doing the bare minimum possible to keep money coming in and keep the game alive, but it’s never earnt enough money to justify a larger investment because ultimately, Bioware made a bad game. I mean, the best press SWTOR has had over the years was when they made it possible to skip 95% of the game!

That said, there is a small contingent that enjoys the generic story telling in the game, so I can fully understand the petition and applaud it.

However, there is a much larger contingent that is desperate for a Star Wars MMO (swtor isnt a proper mmo……player cap is too low to be classed as massively multiplayer). My preference would be for Bioware to convert SWTOR into a single player game, as it is pretty much a single player game anyway, then re-release it on consoles. Then, release the MMO licence and let a good developer make a star wars mmo.

Sarah Cushaway

I truly thought the Imperial Agent story was good stuff. Some team put a lot of thought and effort into all those plot twists.

The rest of the game, sadly, is pretty bad outside the stories. I think it would have worked FAR BETTER as KOTOR3 rather than a WoW-clone with even fewer features. And it’s sad for the fans who are still clinging to the game.


Launch + 5 years. That is how long I considered SWTOR my MMO home. I loved it. Unfortunately, however, right around the time they started to focus on story again as the Bioware niche, the games funding was cut drastically and there was a huge staff shake-up. And well, the game has been on a downward spiral since then.

I’ll save the litany of missteps and mismanagement, but the short of it is that EA mandated the cuts to focus on other games and there is no reason to hope that anything will change with this petition.

The petition is well-intentioned but short of a real Cost-Benefit Analysis, it will not move the needle.

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Oooooohhh..EA..Not the best history with doing what their audience wants vs. making Money. And they especially Do Not have a Good History with Star Wars games they JUst Canceled their open World SW Game that was made from the ashes of the Previous SW Game they Also cancelled. Good Luck I loved SWTOR back in the day…