Star Wars: The Old Republic fan petition asks for more funding for the game to give it new life


The state of Star Wars: The Old Republic is an odd one. It would seem odd to contend that the game is dying, but as the fan-created petition to revive the game notes, it’s not doing nearly as well as it could be. Hence, the petition, aimed at BioWare’s parent company of Electronic Arts and imploring the company to allocate more funding to the game in hopes of letting it reach the audience that it’s capable of engaging.

Of course, the petition is not without suggestions or ideas about how to do that; a console port, for example, is floated as one of the ways that increased funding could also lead to a broader audience. Fans on Reddit are somewhat dubious about the potential outcomes, but it seems like a good-faith effort even if the odds of a significant impact may be low. It has a better chance of accomplishing its goals than doing nothing, at the very least. If you’ve missed it, our resident SWTOR columnist Larry has just finished a recap of the year in the game.

Source: Petition, Reddit; thanks to Setsua for the tip!
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