Improbable and Crytek team up for SpatialOS CryEngine integration and new AAA game


Improbable made headlines over the last couple of weeks thanks to its tussle with Unity over SpatialOS’s integration and licensing. That tussle’s since ended, with Unity reinstating Improbable’s license and all of the affected MMOs being assured there’d be no impact on them – but not before Epic Games had stepped in to partner with Improbable with a stack of cash to help out indie devs.

Now another company is wading in: Crytek, which has itself made headlines this past year because of its ongoing legal feud with Cloud Imperium Games over Star Citizen. Crytek has here essentially joined team Improbable/Epic.

“Crytek is happy to join Epic Games and Improbable in reaffirming our commitment to giving game developers the best combination of engine and games technology, supported by empowering standards that work for everyone,” says the CryEngine company. “Crytek is planning to work closely with Improbable to create a fully-featured SpatialOS Game Development Kit for CRYENGINE for its forthcoming titles. Progress has already been made on this, and CRYENGINE developer Automaton has created its own open source integration with SpatialOS for its forthcoming 1000-player battle royale title Mavericks: Proving Grounds.”

In fact, Crytek and Improbable are even announcing a brand-new AAA game.

“We’re doing this for one reason: we love games and game development. We’re excited about the possibilities for developers offered by SpatialOS and its next-generation multiplayer gameplay. And, with that in mind, we’re excited to announce that Improbable and Crytek will be working together on a new AAA game together, built using CRYENGINE and SpatialOS. We’ll be giving more detail on this AAA game project soon – stay tuned!”

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Source: Crytek, Improbable press release. Cheers, Kinya!
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