Dark & Light offers up a pig costume for Chinese new year

No word on whether or not you get two comely maidens of virtue true.

It’s the Year of the Boar everywhere, including in Dark & Light, and that means it’s time for this year’s Chinese new year event to delight and entertain players. Your reward is a fun pig costume to run around in with the satisfaction of being dressed up like a pig! And to get it, you just need to brutally murder the ogres who took over an outpost in the desert, then purchase the costume pieces from a vendor.

Gosh, that escalated fast.

For those of you not interested in dressing like a pig or just a little turned off at the idea that said dress-up requires murdering ogres, you can also take advantage of doubled harvesting and taming rates as part of the new year celebration. All of this is live in the game right now, so go ahead and decide for yourself how comfortable you are with murdering ogres in exchange for a pig costume. It’s kind of like the trolley problem.

Source: Steam
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Toy Clown

This was the game I wanted to try out, but couldn’t remember the name of. Thank you!