Old School RuneScape outlines proposed Chambers of Xeric adjustments

Old School RuneScape outlines proposed Chambers of Xeric adjustments

In the wake of last week’s huge Old School RuneScape update, which added the all-new Kebos Lowlands region to the game, Jagex is now setting its sights on making some improvements to older content, and they’re starting with the Chambers of Xeric. The devs say that “traffic through the Chambers has remained strong over the two years since they opened, but there are a lot of points that players would like us to smooth out for them,” including “changes to room balancing or scaling mechanics.”

The full list of proposed changes is fairly extensive, but the overall goal of the adjustments appears to be to reduce the necessity for players to scout eached randomized raid and continue randomizing the layout until they get one with exactly the right set of rooms. In light of this, some rooms are being tweaked and rebalanced, as are some of the dangerous creatures that make their homes within the chamber. In addition, players will also be able to earn Xeric’s Ward scrolls, which will allow them to influence the layout of the randomized dungeon by skipping over certain rooms.

Oh, and in more immediate news, the latest game update is now live, and it brought with it some changes to the Deadman Boxing mechanic as well as a fix to a minor bug that allowed players to lose their skulls by using the Clan Wars FFA portal. Those players “will now regain [their skulls] back correctly if they attack a player they previously skulled on.” The update also comes with a handful of bug fixes and some minor tweaks to the new Kebos Lowlands zone, the details of which you can find in the full patch notes.

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