The Cycle postpones its sixth alpha test for longer access while adding stress tests


Bad news first for fans of in-dev survival sandbox¬†The Cycle. The game’s sixth alpha test has been pushed back by two weeks, so it’ll start on February 28th. This was a decision made because of both the sheer scope of the sixth test version and the fact that it’s going to be the last such test before the game’s beta testing, which means more preparation is a good thing. So you’ll just have to wait a little while longer to try the game out, even though the overall testing time will be greater than before.

On the plus side, players will be able to get in on a new stress test running on February 8th, so that’ll afford some extra time to play to help ameliorate the longer-than-expected delay on testing. There’s also the fact that the test on the 28th will have servers up continually, allowing you to just log in and play at your leisure. Check out the official site for all the details on the contents of the upcoming sixth test.

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