Trove compensates players for emergency outage over unconfirmed dupe bug


If you were trying to play Trove on Friday, you were likely stymied by a bout of emergency maintenance that lasted several hours. It was no normal maintenance, either, as Gamigo posted multiple status updates during the outage and ultimately promised compensation.

“For the trouble you’ve had to deal with today we’re also granting 30 Dragon Coins to players who login between now and January 26 at 18:00:00 UTC,” Community Manager Fasti wrote. “If your account is more than 7 days old, you’ll also be able to claim a Golden Chaos Chest before that time.”

What didn’t Fasti write? The reason for the outage. That information vacuum has led to plenty of speculation on Discord and the official forums about a dupe bug that was once again generating excess flux, which led to high-end items being purchased from the market and a huge spike in credit pouches, at least according to players who were watching the markets before the servers went down.

Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be a new occurrence for Trove players. Back in August, a similar dupe led to the outright destruction of the game’s economy, but then-developer Trion Worlds was able to fix the exploit without a rollback, ban the perpetrators, and provide a generous compensation package for players. It appears that a rollback will not be forthcoming in this case either.


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