H1Z1 adds ranked leaderboards for PlayStation 4 with its season 3 update

Hooray, everything is meaningless.

Are you tracking your progress as well as you could in H1Z1 on PlayStation 4? Sure, you think you’re doing better now, but are you really doing better? The addition of ranked leaderboards to the game as part of its upcoming Season 3 update should free players from having to ask that question as a speculative exercise; players will be able to track their precise stats across various gameplay modes to see if they’re actually getting better as well as just tracking performance.

Player ranking will be tracked across all three battle royale modes, with six tiers of categorization for players (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Master) and three subtiers within each. You’ll have to pay at least five matches in a given format to start tracking your stats, with a variety of metrics used to track your overall ranking. So you’ll be able to point to your performance and proudly inform people that you’re in the top tier of the Bronze categorythank you very much. You can even do so on the forums, if you want.


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