Crowfall examines the issues of changing scoring rules mid-campaign

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The nature of time-limited Campaigns in Crowfall has given rise to an interesting question of whether or not it’s a good idea to patch the game and fix issues. See, as mentioned, the campaigns are time-limited, and they’re explicitly meant to be as fair as possible. However, in the midst of the game’s first campaign cycle, it became clear to players and designers both that something wasn’t quite right in the way scoring was handled, and thus changes needed to be made.

But the question was whether or not those changes should be made now or later. Because keeping things as fair as possible also means not necessarily mucking with elements that are working, even if they could be better.

The ultimate decision the team came to was that this stage of testing is more about testing things and fixing issues than preserving the sanctity of each individual campaign; once the game is out of its test phases, it’s important to only fuss with the balance when it becomes such a broken state of play that fixing the issue takes priority. Check out the full reasoning in the latest update, and if you’re in the game’s current test campaign, get ready for the capture balance changes incoming with the next patch.


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Can someone explain to me the exact nature of these campaigns, I know they are pvp based but are they factional? Why would anyone continue playing a campaign after its become clear their team has no chance of winning? People leave matches in games like call of duty that are 15 minutes long when they’re losing, how will this be any different?


So, the way it works, there are the campaigns and the meta-campaign. The campaigns take place on worlds with different rule sets; some will be factional combat, some will be guild vs guild, some will be short free-for-alls. Winning, and whta you do in these campaigns has implications in them meta-campaign, since the goal is to extract resources in the campaign world that can be used later. So even if you had no real chance at winning, you will still play and focus on gathering resources and material to take on to the the next campaign, if possible.


I hope that approach works out for them, but I’m skeptical that players will slog through long bouts of being on the losing team to benefit themselves later on.

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Ten years ago and such a change like this wouldn’t be news. It was much expected that tests and pre-release servers would see frequent changes.
These days, early access and “pre-purchase” bundles that give beta access mean post-launch expectations for soft-launched games still in development.