Black Desert: Xbox One beta preload, market value doubling, goldseller crackdown, and Dark Rifts event

Usually Black Desert does its big drops on Wednesday, but we’ve already got a pile of BDO news growing that just can’t wait.

For starters, pre-loading for the final open beta for the game’s Xbox One edition is live ahead of the actual beta, which begins on Valentine’s Day.

Players are once again bracing themselves for a big market change come February 20th, as the marketplace value of pearl shop items is next week doubling. That’s to “reflect the dramatic value fluctuations of various items,” the studio says, asking players to “reserve your judgement until you have had a chance to experience the system and the new economy firsthand.”

Kakao announced just ahead of the weekend that it had cracked down on goldsellers. “We have closed down several guilds operated by those scantily-clad ursines removing billions of silver in the process,” the company wrote. “I also wish to issue a warning to anyone tempted to engage with these services that in the future a much stronger stance will be taken. If you’re tempted, be sure to ask yourself if it’s really worth risking your account over.”

Finally, the studio sent round PR today talking up tomorrow’s content launch.

“From tomorrow, the beautiful world of Black Desert Online will be troubled by the mysterious Dark Rifts that will appear randomly across the world. From the Rifts, powerful boss monsters that have been consumed by the elusive Black Spirit will appear. They can be challenged individually only and can yield wonderful rewards if a player is successful in defeating the foe. Unlike most MMOs, this challenge is intimate, lonely and if unsuccessful, deadly! These mysterious occurrences will surprise and enthuse players when they are simply minding their own business during regular gameplay and add another layer of depth to the celebrated MMORPG that is Black Desert Online.”

Source: Twitter, crackdown, market, press release
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