Elite Dangerous devs are looking into issues with the game’s Background Simulation


Since the release of Elite Dangerous’s 3.3 update, there’s been something wonky going on with the game’s Background Simulation (or BGS), and players have been pleading for a response from Frontier Developments ever since. Well, it took a little while, but they finally got it, as Principal Designer Adam Bourke-Waite recently dropped by the forums to give players a quick update on what’s going on.

In short, Bourke-Waite says that the dev team is aware that “the BGS has a number of issues” that it’s currently working to address. Specifically, the devs are currently looking into “the balance between the different activities,” “ways [they] can decrease the number of active conflicts […] and the impact conflicts have on the BGS,” and “how the BGS trends away from factions being stuck in Civil Liberty and Investment states.”

In addition, they’re also “investigating player reports that their actions are not resulting in the results they are expecting during a conflict,” and they encourage players to continue sending in detailed bug reports to help them get to the bottom of the issue. Understandably enough, given the the momentous nature of the task, the devs can’t provide an ETA on when the BGS will be fixed, but Bourke-Waite says they’ll do their best to keep players abreast of any new developments.

Source: Official Forums. Thanks, Stuart!
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