Ascent: Infinite Realm’s SEA closed beta begins April 25th


The SEA closed beta for Bluehole Studio’s upcoming fantasy-steampunk MMO Ascent: Infinite Realm will begin on April 25th, according to a recent announcement from Playpark, the game’s publisher for the region.

According to a translation of the official Thai-language announcement on the game’s subreddit, it appears that the client will be available to preload starting on April 10th. Interested players in the SEA region can get their hands on invites for the test from both the game’s official site and fan sites. The announcement also notes that the CBT will include testing the game’s cash shop functionality, which might provide a glimpse at the game’s monetization scheme.

Although we know that the game will eventually be making its way to the West — in fact, it’s being designed with Western audiences in mind — there’s no telling when we’ll actually be able to get our mitts on it. But if you’re dying for a breath of fresh A:IR (sorry) after last week’s race-reveal trailer, then you might want to check out the brand-new trailer that accompanied the beta announcement. It’s got everything — menacing giant robots, steampunk airships, Michael Bay explosions, and even a few glimpses at the game’s housing, combat, and flight systems. You can see it all for yourself just below.


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