Neverwinter shows off some of the beasties of the Undermountain

It's dark down here.

If you’re familiar with the history of Dungeons & Dragons, you probably have some idea of the creatures you’ll encounter in Neverwinter’s trip to the Undermountain. But that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Knowing that you’re going to see your favorites like the Purple Worm, the Ettercaps, and the ever-friendly Shambling Mound? You can’t fight them just yet, but you can meet them in the game’s latest development dispatch covering the critters you’ll be meeting and fighting beneath the mountain.

Of course, if you’re familiar with Dungeons & Dragons you also know what to expect from these creatures. Purple Worms are going to spin around, suck people in, and attempt to devour you whole. Ettercaps are going to provide you with sticky webs to snare and pull you about. It’s all familiar to fans of the game, but hey, that’s exactly what you want if you’re a fan of the tabletop game. And if this is all new to you? You can just do your best not to get eaten by the Purple Worm.

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You know, I have this little dream that they’ll one day open up more of Neverwinter city, re-build it and tidy it up. I mean, as a brand new instance for, say, characters 70 or 80+. Failing that, my new dream is that they’ll build a bit of Waterdeep around The Yawning Portal. For, you know, flavour and atmosphere reasons. Rather than just porting us there ‘magically’ like they do when we go to Thay. Or even, just, adding a day/night cycle to Protector’s Enclave.

NW’s problem is that it’s a much better game than it is an actual world to spend time in (which I find weird for an MMOG). And I don’t think the instancing is that much of a problem really, but if they would just do a tiiiny bit more to make it feel like a living world, it would be aces.

Bruno Brito

NW’s problem is that it’s a much better game than it is an actual world to spend time in

It’s a issue with Cryptic games in general.

Jaymes Buckman

Try walking without rhythm.


Cool, I can’t wait to write some killer UGC with them.

Oh wait…